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We know You have Questions…

At Just Drywall, we understand that drywall issues can be frustrating and unexpected. Whether you’re dealing with a small dent, a gaping hole, or a water-damaged mess, getting your walls looking smooth again is our top priority.

This FAQ page is designed to answer your most common questions about drywall repair, our services, and the repair process itself. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to contact us: link to contact page. We’re always happy to chat and get your drywall project back on track!

(ex. My towel bar in my bathroom came down and there are now 2 small areas that need to be patched)

Yes! In fact, we prefer them! Whether it be just to patch them and paint as you want, or we patch and paint- we do either!

In the majority of cases, yes we can. Please note we do not use any sort of plaster in our repairs. Most plaster repairs can be done with drywall mud, and still look seamless. If you are specifically needing plaster repaired with plaster, you will need to contact a Plaster Repair Company. Feel free to ask if we have recommendations.

Sure are! Licensed contractors in the state of Illinois. We also have insurance on our employees so they are covered, as well as your home!

No. We highly avoid setting up to get jobs done this way. It is very tricky if we end up needing more materials than intended, to rely on our clients to get the products needed, and in time. We use many different materials, for many different jobs, and have our professional preferences.

Most cases yes this can be done. However, the color white is extremely difficult to match perfectly. There are over 100 different shades of white. Much of the time ceiling painting is very dependent on location, how much natural lighting the area gets, and your expectations on the color matching. Best way to handle this topic would be to view the area in person and gauge the area to evaluate how to best move forward.

Yes! There is one major question that will come into play with doing a project like this. When was your house originally built OR when were the popcorn ceilings applied? Houses built prior to the 1980s have a very high chance of containing asbestos. We can still remove the popcorn ceiling with asbestos but it is a high risk procedure that will require certain PPE for our technicians. Overall removal of popcorn ceilings can be one of our most costly services due to the fact they require a large amount of skill and experience in achieving a professional quality finish, but the end result is a stunning upgrade to your home!

Yes. However, texture can be tricky to match perfectly. Many textures are applied by hand, and no two textures look the exact same, like a fingerprint. We match textures to the best of our ability and blend them out to blend in with the surrounding area to not be noticeably different.

Most of the time people know that they have texture on their walls and ceiling. But a common misconception is the “Orange Peel Texture” to not be a textured wall, when it is. Sometimes this texture comes into play with multiple paint coats or heavy paint coats, and other times it was built with the house, especially if it is quite a fine texture it’ll be easily overlooked. That is, until we start applying mud with a flat knife and then you will most definitely see a difference. It can also be quite deceiving in photos. Make sure when sending any photos of your walls you are really examining the area, running your hand across the wall. If it feels bumpy, but it’s not an obvious texture, it is probably some form of orange peel. Don’t sweat it though- we can match that too!

Yes- we REALLY do! We apply floor protection to your floors, plastic off surrounding areas as needed, use vacuum sanders to suck up the flying dust, as well as vacuum/sweep the areas we worked in to reduce as much of the cleaning chore off our clients as possible.

Psst! We also clean up after ourselves! No drywall mud or dust tracked all over your home!