SHEEN can change the LOOK of the color you choose!! You love that flat light beige? But now you chose a semi gloss of the same color and it’s not looking right?! You’re not crazy. The sheen will change the appearance of many colors. Keep that in mind and ask for a sample in the sheen you need.

Speaking of sheens (your painters better mention this if you supplied your own paint!) Different sheens can aide in different uses. Do not use a flat white in your bathroom ceiling! A semi or high gloss works best to help “seal” out water- and are more wipeable! That is why many times trim work is a type of gloss or even down to eggshell to help avoid any permanent scuff marks!

Sanding. Between. Coats. Is. Essential!!!…to get a smooth professional looking finish. It’ll help coats 2 (maybe even 3) “bond” together well. Painting a heavy 1 coat will not look near as good as 2-3 lighter coats- with sanding in between!

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