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Professional Painting with Just Drywall

The Right Paint in the Right Place. Makes all the Difference.

At Just Drywall, we believe a flawless finish requires expert care at every stage. That’s why we offer complete drywall repair services, including professional painting for a stunning final result.

The Importance of Painting After Drywall Repair

You might think drywall repair is complete once the patch is smooth. However, the repair process can leave behind tiny imperfections invisible to the naked eye. Here’s where painting becomes crucial:

  • Unveiling Hidden Flaws: Drywall dust can settle into minor air bubbles (pocking) during patching. Sanding might not remove all the dust, leaving these imperfections hidden. When we apply a coat of primer, it acts like a magnet, pulling out the dust and revealing these tiny flaws.
  • Painter’s Prep for a Perfect Finish: We call this “painter’s prep” – the process of identifying and fixing these minor imperfections before applying the final coat of paint. By priming first, we ensure a perfectly smooth and even surface for a flawless finish.
  • Prime for Lasting Results: Primer creates a better bond between the paint and the repaired area, preventing peeling and cracking down the line.
High Quality Products

The Sherwin-Williams Advantage

We take pride in using high-quality Sherwin-Williams paint products on all our projects. Their paints ensure a durable and beautiful finish that lasts. We also recommend visiting your local Sherwin-Williams store for expert advice on color selection, sheen levels (gloss, satin, etc.), and painting techniques. Whether you choose to DIY or hire us, their expertise can elevate any project!

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