vACUUM sanding

Drywall dust – it’s the bane of every homeowner’s existence during repairs. But what if we told you we could significantly reduce the mess? Introducing our Vacuum Sanding Services!

This innovative technique uses electric sanders equipped with a hose and collection bag, similar to a shop vac. As we sand, the dust gets sucked directly into the bag, minimizing the amount that escapes into the air by up to 90%.

Benefits of Vacuum Sanding:

  • Dramatically Reduced Dust: Breathe easy knowing your home won’t be filled with dust particles.
  • Ideal for Large & Small Jobs: Whether you’re tackling a basement renovation or a small patch repair, vacuum sanding is a versatile solution.
  • Corner-to-Corner Cleanliness: While some tight spaces might require hand sanding, we utilize various dust-containment methods like taping off work areas, regular vacuuming, damp towels for foot traffic control, floor protection, baseboard wiping, and final floor vacuuming to minimize dust spread.

Piece of Mind is Priceless

Especially when it comes to your home environment. Choose our Vacuum Sanding Services for a cleaner, healthier repair experience!